Embrace The Vagabond Life & Get Paid For It

We often believe that it is Millennials that demand they have a job that allows them to see the world but, whether or not is has happened through osmosis, people of all generations now want to explore our world. But dreaming of a job that allows you to travel usually ends up just being a dream. But what if you could turn this dream into a reality, and actually live your life on the move?

Sure, the salary isn’t always one to write home about but, still, there isn’t a single person that wouldn’t be jealous of your vagabond lifestyle. So, without further ado, here is the pick of the bunch.

Flight Attendant / Pilot

If you want to see the world then you need to get this one right because those that work on short haul flights rarely get to leave their destination airport. That’s why you’ll want to apply to the major airlines, the ones that offer long-haul flights the world over. That way you’ll get to hang out on a beach in Thailand for a few days or see Singapore properly. There are other perks too, such as travel bonuses and family discounts. Of course, you have to be able to do more than just operate the different membrane switches if you want to go down this route. Being a flight attendant alone means you’ll need to have customer service experience, be fluent in English and be able to swim 50m as standard.



This isn’t quite as rock n’ roll as it perhaps used to be, but it is still a pretty darn cool lifestyle and a heck of a way to see the world. There are more successful musicians out there than ever before, so if you can land yourself a gig with one of the bigger names in the business, well, you’ll be seeing some of the biggest cities in some of the coolest continents. Of course, most of your time will be spent on the road. The other thing you’re going to need is a skill. The more qualified you are, the more attractive you’ll be, so go with lighting, rigging or any other technical need. After that, well, persistence may well pay off.

Yacht Crew

This is becoming a more and more popular option for people of all ages because the chances to spend all winter in Antigua and all summer in the Med is too hard to resist. What’s more is the range of different skilled people these yachts need. Captains, crew members, lookouts, delivery crew, skeleton members, nannies, cleaners, cooks and more. All of these people are needed and all of these people will have the chance to explore the world one ocean at a time, maybe you’ll even get to take on the fabled Crossing. Of course, the more qualified you are to be on the yacht the more you’ll get paid, and get paid well. There is no tax to pay, and you don’t really have a chance to spend your money until you’ve landed at a port. What’s more, everything is paid for except, maybe, your cell phone. That’s pretty cool.

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