Exploring 4 of the UKs Popular Drives

As we reach the end of a very cold February, our thoughts slowly turn to summer. It’s never too early to start making plans to ensure you get the most out of the limited sunshine in the UK. You may have a few summer plans sorted, with festival tickets already purchased and beach holidays booked. But if you’re still unsure of what summer 2018 has in store for you, why not consider taking a road trip around some of the UKs most scenic routes?

Before setting off on your journey, it’s worth considering the type of tyres your car has and if they’re going to be suitable for the road trip you have in mind. There are places like TyrePlus that can assist you and make sure you have the right tyres to guarantee you have a smooth journey.

As Britain is filled with some of the most beautiful countryside destinations, why not gather your friends, grab your satnav and explore the open road. If you’re stuck as to which route to take, keep reading for 4 of the best drives across the UK.


Mellow Cotswolds

Pass through perfectly preserved English villages, serene green hills of the Cotswolds, meadows filled with wildflowers and sheep pastures on this route. A favourite amongst sightseers, this 80 mile exploration allows you to squeeze in stunning views and forgotten roads that will make you think you’ve travelled back in time.

Peak District

The perfect route for history lovers as it provides an educational tour of stately homes and quaint spa towns. There are plenty of opportunities to learn about historic buildings and bridges and you can also enjoy a picnic in the stunning countryside. The 60 mile trip covers long country roads, steep hillsides and tight bends.

The Atlantic Highway

If you’re snap-happy then consider taking a road trip across the Atlantic Highway. Stretching over 135 miles through North Devon and Cornwall, you’ll see jagged cliffs and rough coastlines. Along the way you will also encounter serene beaches and lots of English countryside. This is an ideal destination to capture gorgeous sunsets over an amazing backdrop.

The Hardknott Pass

This is definitely one for the confident drivers as this route will test your driving abilities with its high hills and hairpin bends. Don’t let the warning signs at the entry to this challenging road put you off. The rewards are worth it, with wonderful views of the Lake District that will make you want to stop and capture the moment on your camera.

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