Modern Ways To Manage Money

Financial wellness is the big word on the lips of many business owners, The link between secure finances and positive mental health is driving employers and businesses to help employee’s state of mind. This affects both ends of the wealth spectrum, too, from those worrying how to spend their fortune to those struggling with debt.

It’s good news, too. Mental health awareness is ever improving and technology to enable you to make the right choices is developing at breakneck speeds. Improved financial security assurance and assistance programs are conducive to giving you a sense of security, and even more is being done to help you manage your money – 21st century style.


Establishing your baseline

Three main factors influence your financial decisions throughout life. Incoming, outgoing and credit availability. Two of these are pretty straightforward, and a simple budget – yes, simple – can quickly account for these, when stuck to rigorously. Credit can be trickier, and is influenced by the still poorly understood credit score, but because we live in the modern age, there are now loans for bad credit that can help you improve your credit rating.  When considering your credit score, it pays to go through it with a fine toothed comb to get a handle on what credit flags look like and what should or shouldn’t be present. Being able to stay on top of your credit score will ensure that you have a solid foundation on which to make financial decisions. 

Start using modern tech

The explosion of fintech businesses and the loosening of archaic banking regulations has led to a very competitive market for money management apps. Everything from cent-by-cent investment accounts to algorithm-powered smart budgeting apps mean that managing your money has never been easier. Peruse the market for products suit you and start using them – there are savings hidden everywhere that you might not identify in the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Be savvy about deals

The trade-off to having digital interconnectivity in every aspect of everyday life is, undoubtedly, advertising. In exchange for the ‘smart’ nature of many services, and the increasing use of AI and machine learning, your data is often used to tailor advertising. Essentially, businesses are making sure that your data leads to a sale, using compelling advertising campaigns. To flip this on its head, don’t dive for every good appearing deal; use the wealth of information available to you to make an informed decision and ensure you get a good deal every time. 

The 21st century and the open world it has created mean that often, ways to spend your hard earned money are never ending. With a little nous, you’ll be able to navigate the chaff and have complete control over your cash.


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