How to Have a Luxurious Vacation in LA

Los Angeles is the home to the rich and famous from around the world including many celebrities. The city has pretty much anything and everything to cater for their needs and expectation ranging from Michelin Star Restaurants to the latest fashion boutiques. Tourists looking to sample the high life need to look no further than LA. You can get yourself one of the best luxurious homes in Los Angeles and experience the five-star treatment first hand. This article describes everything you need to know about planning a luxurious vacation to Los Angeles.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles:

The most luxurious parts of LA are probably in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. You can find lots of high-end hotels and resorts in these parts of the city and it’s not uncommon for the celebs to stay around here too. West Hollywood has a dignified atmosphere and attracts magnates from around the globe.

Beverly Hills is a great place to stay if you’re in LA during the summer months as the temperature is often slightly cooler. Restaurants and bars are nearby, but the nightlife is relatively inactive with most places shutting before midnight. And, as we all know, Beverly Hills is famous for being the district of choice for celebs to have their homes. If the movie stars can stay here, it must be good.

Sunset Boulevard, also known as Sunset Strip, has several places to stay with amazing views of the city. Most hotels offer a chauffeur service at the very least and you can find plenty of world class restaurants nearby. And if you’re in LA to shop, you can find lots of boutiques with some of the latest fashion accessories along Sunset Boulevard.

Santa Monica and Malibu are some of the nicest places to stay to enjoy your luxurious trip to Los Angeles near the beach. There are lots of vacation rentals and hotels overlooking the ocean from a balcony or rooftop swimming pool. This is probably the best place to stay in all of Los Angeles if you’re looking for a nice place with a good view.

The Best Places to Eat in Los Angeles:

Beverly Hills is known for having some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles. You can find a number world class and Michelin Star places that offer any type of food or cuisine that you desire. The service is top-notch and you really will feel as though you’re a VIP in one of these restaurants.

Another great district to get some amazing seafood is along Malibu Beach. As you stroll down the coastline, you’ll see lots of restaurants selling the catch of the day and fresh seafood. This is a perfect place to end the day whilst watching the sunset over the horizon and enjoying a glass of wine.

You should also consider sampling the food trucks when you’re in Los Angeles. The trucks cook and sell their food at different spots around the city and are very popular with locals. Don’t expect to be sat at a table with a waiter serving you the meal. It’s quite the contrary and you may have to line up to get your food as they’re extremely popular with locals. But the food is delicious and it may very well be the tastiest that you’ve eaten in Los Angeles.

The Best Things to See in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is a huge city and is famous for three things: celebs, beaches, and theme parks. The best way to see all of these in style is to arrange a private driver and guide to take you around the best sights. This allows you to see and experience everything you want whilst getting from one place to the next in style. You can also join a helicopter tour and see the city from above or take advantage of the ferry services to get between the different beaches.

It’s also nice to get out of the city and find a tour that can take you to see some of the smaller towns surrounding the city. You can go hiking in the nearby mountains with a private guide to take you to the best spots.

How to Get Around Los Angeles in Style:

The best way to get around the city from your hotel or vacation rental is to use a taxi service. Most are reasonably priced and you’ll be travelling in a comfortable car with the all-important air-conditioning in the summer. Ask the hotel or the owner of the rental to give you the telephone number of a reliable and fast taxi company and keep it handy at all times. You never know when you may want to head out at short notice. If a taxi service is too unreliable, there are other options including getting a private driver or using a chauffeur service. This is particularly common to use to get from the airport to the city center. Some people will also hire their own private driver for the duration of their stay.

The Bottom Line:

Los Angeles makes a perfect place to have a luxurious vacation where you can get the celebrity treatment and pampering that you deserve. There are lots of nice vacation rentals and hotels in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and at Santa Monica Beach. You can also have some of the best food in the world and take incredible tours around the city. If you’re willing to splash the cash, LA is the perfect destination to satisfy any type of vacation you want.

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