How to travel for less this year

While it’s easy to assume that travel is only for the rich and privileged, the truth is that travel has never been more accessible for people of all incomes. If you’re reading this, you’re already doing better than 90% of the world, and there are plenty of ways you can make the most of that privilege and get out and see the world.

Here are some top ways you can travel for less this year:

Be Flexible

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Mexico. While Mexico is cheap once you get on the ground, it can be an expensive place to get to if you’re not flying from North America. Think about why you want to go to Mexico. Is it the beaches? A chance to interact with a different culture? Or the idea of lying next to a pool in a swanky resort? You can find all of these things in Southeast Asia, which is much cheaper to get to.

You’ll also want to be flexible about when you travel. Check out cheap flights with Webjet, which constantly has great deals for travel around the world. Or browse Skyscanner and use the Whole Month and find Cheapest Month features. You’ll see a massive difference within just a few weeks.


Go Off Season

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to visit Europe in the middle of winter (although the Christmas markets are well worth it), but by travelling just a little off-season, you can save hundreds or thousands on hotels and flights. It can also be a much nicer experience since everyone else also wants to visit in peak season.

Take a Cruise

Believe it or not, but cruising can actually be a more affordable way to travel. This is particularly true if you cruise from Australia and don’t need to pay for any flights at all. Keep an eye out for Webjet cruise deals and be prepared to buy- you often only need to put down a small deposit to hold a cruise for months in the future. Cruising makes it easy to budget since it’s one of the most inclusive ways to travel- most of your travel is included in the fare.

Look carefully for cruises that go to destinations you’ve always wanted to travel. See which ones visit the most places and how much time you get in each port.


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