See New York In A New Way – Unique Tours Of NYC

New York is a city that we’re all familiar with. It’s the scene for so many TV shows and movies, that even before you set foot in it, it somehow feels familiar. It’s also one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, so if you love to travel, it becomes a must see on the holiday list. If you’ve already been to New York and can get a good deal, it can beckon for a return trip, drawing tourists back for a second enjoyment of this vibrant city.

There is a downside to the familiarity though. ┬áIf you already feel the streets are familiar, you can miss some of the novelty of seeing somewhere new. Any seasoned traveler will know the rush of pleasure at discovering something different and stepping out of our comfort zone. And if you’re visiting for the second time, it’s only natural that you want to try something different this time.

Thankfully, the tourism industry is ready and willing to give you a different view of this much-seen city. Depending on your preference, you have three options for seeing New York, and none of them involve the famous yellow taxis. Change your perspective and the city really comes alive.


Going Deeper Underground: Abandoned New York Subway Stations

If that sounds creepy, well, it can be – but that’s part of the charm!

The New York subway is a whole city beneath the city, a rabbit warren that runs beneath the pavements. Every time it is modernized or a stop is removed, the building and the tunnels that serviced it fall out of use. They are rarely repurposed, instead becoming a unique tourist attraction.

This is a side of the city that few people take the time to see – and it’s a real shame, as there is something unique about it. There are plenty of things to see and do, and you can even find tours with a slant towards the supernatural.

Take To The Skies

Sometimes it is difficult to fathom just how small Manhattan and the surrounding areas are. They seem to be so huge on a global scale, vastly exceeding their geographical size. To put things into perspective, take to the skies with helicopter rides in NYC and get a whole new view. You can go in daytime to see the lush greens of Central Park and the busy metropolis that surrounds it. By night, the city is a sprinkle of lights as beautiful as the stars.

Get On Your Bike – Literally!

New York is a commuter city and the traffic is infamous. One way to avoid it is to take to a bike. It’s perhaps not for the inexperienced cyclist, but can open up little avenues and alleyways otherwise hidden from view. You can hire bikes from numerous locations around the city, and add in a dose of exercise to what is otherwise an indulgent holiday experience!

By doing any of the three, you will find a way of seeing New York in a completely unique way. So whether you go up, down or cycle along, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.


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