The top travel accessories for your next holiday

Now that the holiday season is officially over and we’re all back at work and in our 9-5 routines, it’s likely that you’re already wondering when you can take a few days off next. If this sounds like you, remember that planning is half the fun, and it’s a good idea to make sure you have all the best accessories to make sure your next holiday goes according to plan.

Here are the top travel accessories for your next holiday:

Electronic luggage scale

I currently have a non-electronic luggage scale, and it can be super tricky to try and hold your luggage in the air while reading the number on the scale. Grab an electronic version, and you’ll never pay extra baggage fees again and can pack appropriately every time- checking the weight of your luggage as you go.
Travel Hiking Girls Climbing Joy G E M Mountain

New luggage

Have you been hauling a giant one-shouldered back through airports for the last few years? You’re going to need a chiropractor if you keep going this way. There are a variety of innovative luggage options on the market today, so if you’re aiming to make your next holiday as easy and relaxing as possible, it may just be time to upgrade. Consider the Rimowa Limbo Cabin Multiwheel, and once you’ve used it once, you’ll be vowing to never go back. Weighing in at just 8.4 pounds, you’ll no longer be dreading the walk from gate to gate and can instead pack everything you need without worrying about the impact on your back.

Electric adaptor

If you’re planning international travel this year, you’re going to need a new electric adaptor. The last thing you want is to have a bunch of flat devices that you’re unable to charge once you get to your new destination (and of course the address for your hotel is likely to be on your dead smartphone, right?) Consider the Tumi electric adaptor, which has four different configurations, keeping you covered in 50 countries and ensuring you’ll never be without power again.


If you’ve spent any time in Asia during the high season, you’ll know the sun can do a number on your skin and eyes. Investing in a good pair of sunglasses is a must, and you’ll usually want a brand that’s going to keep you looking stylish for a nice brunch with the girls, while still keeping your eyes protected while you’re hiking. Oakley Sunglasses are a great option, as it’s a recognisable brand that is well-known with travellers around the world.

Passport cover

If you haven’t yet invested in a stylish, useful passport cover, you’ve been missing out. Once you use a passport cover for the first time, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever go back. Along with keeping your passport protected and easily identifiable in your bag, you’ll have space for multiple boarding passes, and some even include room for credit cards and cash- meaning you won’t need to be juggling your passport and wallet.

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