Considering redecorating your bedroom this year? Read this post

Have you ever considered the correlation between your bedroom and personality? If you haven’t yet given it much thought, you’ll be interested in learning that your choices of furniture, colour, and how often you make your bed all reflects aspects of your personality.

If you’re considering redecorating your bedroom this year, take some time to examine your current bedroom and see if it’s accurately telling the world about the kind of person you are.

Take a look at the items you have on display- items like books are considered to be “identity claims”, and they show a lot about who we are as people. If you’ve ever examined the correlation between colour and personality, you probably already know that the colour you choose for your walls will generally sway a lot about your personality- use of a lot of bright colours often suggest that you’re an extrovert, and neutral colours mean you’re more likely to be introverted. And if you tend to have a lot of grey in your room, it’s likely that you have nearly half the intimacy compared to those who have a lot of purple.

If you use a lot of super bright colours like orange, you can usually expect to be an adventurous type, and you’re more likely to be liberal when it comes to politics. Liberals are also more likely to be less organised and neat, and you can expect to see their homes featuring more art, maps, and books.

For those who have more luxurious tastes, you’ll find that people who tend to buy high-end, luxury items will often have this preference reflected in their headboard. And if you’re someone who has a lot of pictures of yourself in your room, it’s very likely that you’re younger than 35 years old.

If you have a lot of items like scented candles, oil lamps, and flowers, these are called “thought or feeling regulators”, and they’re the type of objects that change the way we want to feel in a room- many people use candles to feel more relaxed.

If you have a few hidden messes in your room, don’t worry- this is perfectly normal and most people have these messes. In fact, those who don’t have any messes also tend to be more anxious types. Those with put together spaces where everything has its place are likely to be planners, organised, and in control, while those who have a more dishevelled and chaotic bedroom are more likely to have a “go with the flow”, spontaneous attitude.

The exception? Those who are detailed and orderly will often have messy sock draws, since they’re focused on keeping other areas of their life organised. Finally, it turns out it does matter whether or not you make your bed- in fact, bed makers are more likely to exercise regularly, own a home, enjoy their jobs, and feel rested, and are more successful and happier compared to those who don’t. Interested in learning more? Check out JD Williams for more information.

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