The Ultimate Guide To Stress-Free Group Holiday Planning

Have you been tasked with planning a stag or hen weekend? Are you going away with parents, siblings, and cousins for a landmark celebration? Are you looking for the perfect destination for a girly holiday? If so, you’re probably worrying about keeping everyone happy and bringing your trip in on budget. Traveling with friends and family is fun, but organizing can be stressful. Here is a guide to make sure your holiday is plain sailing.jump-510217_960_720

Decide on a location

You may already have a destination in mind, but if you haven’t, it’s best to get some ideas from others before you make a decision. Think about how long you’re going for and how much you want to spend. Do some research to find out rough costs and come up with some suggestions. Encourage others to share ideas and then have a group vote. Once you’ve chosen, you can start looking for flights and accommodation.

Find a good deal

If you’re traveling in a group, look out for discounts for multi-person bookings. You can usually save a lot of money by booking flights and transfers together. Contact some agencies and get some prices. Have a look online and use comparison sites to get the best deals. Weigh up your accommodation options. You may be able to save if you book flights and a hotel together. However, it may be more practical and more fun to rent an apartment or a villa. This way, you can all stay together. The cost may also be significantly lower than booking several hotel rooms. Check out sites like for ideas.


Be clear on costs

Budgeting is one of the most stressful parts of holiday planning, especially when there are lots of people to please. Be clear on costs from the outset and make sure that everyone is happy with the figure you have in mind. Let people know when they have to pay in plenty of time, so that they can start saving. If it is possible, try and pay a deposit and then the rest nearer your departure date to spread the cost.

Plan an itinerary

If you’re going on a beach holiday and all you want to do is laze around and catch rays, you won’t need to do much itinerary planning. However, if you’re visiting a city or you’re keen to explore and get some excursions sorted, it’s wise to plan ahead. Have a look through guidebooks and read reviews online. Set up a group chat on sites like and see what others want to do. You don’t have to do everything together, but you may want to book some activities that involve everyone. If you want to dine out, make sure you book in advance. It can be tricky to get tables for large groups at short notice.

If you’re planning a family holiday or a trip with friends this spring, take these tips on board. Get everyone involved, set a budget and plan ahead. Once you’re all booked, relax and have a fantastic time!


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