Tips for Traveling Around Europe

Europe is a region that will have something for everyone! From the wine lover, to the adventure seeker, everyone can find a town, city, or country that excites them. There’s so much history around every corner that it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Europe. Depending on where you are coming from, you might find much of Europe really expensive, so I’ve made this list of tips and tricks to help stretch your money further and ensure that you can spend as long as you want – or as long as your annual leave allows – in this beautiful region of the world.


Buy a Rail Pass

Europe has an incredible rail network, you can easily get from London to Eastern Europe by rail. There are a number of rail passes you can buy depending on how long you’re going for and how many ‘travel’ days you need. I love traveling by train as I find it much faster than most other forms of public transport. Yes, often planes are better, but within Europe where many of the distances can be quite small, I find the inconvenience of having to go to an airport, check in, and the travel to and from the airport to be more hassle than taking a train. Rail passes make train travel much more affordable and it’s a wonderful, scenic way to see a country.

Get Health Cover

No one wants to think about what could go wrong when you’re on holiday, but the truth is accidents happen no matter where you are. Health cover is essential, especially if you’re traveling throughout Europe. Bills can get outrageously expensive fast, so it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance if you will need it. If you’re a UK resident, be sure to make sure that your EHIC card is up to date and with you. If you’re not sure where yours is, or it’s out of date, make sure to do a European Health Insurance Card Renewal┬ánow to ensure you don’t miss out on this great service.


Use AirBnb

I love staying in Airbnbs when I travel – you get all the creature comforts of a home such as a kitchen area and often laundry facilities, and you get to pay a lot less than you would for a hotel. Furthermore, often Airbnb rentals are in residential parts of the city, meaning you should have a supermarket not too far from your home. Sometimes staying in the hotel zone of various parts of the world just means your only options closely nearby are restaurants and bars. Making a few meals a day in your Airbnb is a great way to save money but having more comfort than you might have in a Hostel which is often a similar price.

Visit in the Off Season

Europe can get really busy, especially during the summer. Ever tried to take a photo of Charles’ Bridge in Prague without a person on it? I have, and it’s like a sea of people during the summer. I much prefer to visit most of Europe in the more mild seasons of both tourists and the weather. I like April and May, as well as September and October. Visiting during the quieter times ensures you’ll find better accommodation deals as well as have a bit more space to enjoy the attractions that you came to see.

Europe is a wonderful destination whether you’re traveling as family, as a couple, a group of friends, or even solo. Using these tips you will be able to save money and travel Europe even more intelligently!

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