Top 5 Honeymoon Destination Ideas​

The wedding is over any you’re ready to begin the honeymoon. Every couple wants to go to a place that offers entertainment, luxury accommodations, and activities that they will remember forever.

There are wonderful honeymoon destinations all over the globe. You must weigh the options. Do you want to spend more time traveling or more time at the destination? Is the thrill of the trip important to you or is the unique experiences of the region your main concern? Once you have made these choices, you can find the destination that suits your time allowance and budget.

Below we are going to offer you 5 destinations that continually make the top destination lists. The choice is yours.

Kauai, Hawaii

Everyone considers Hawaii when thinking about a destination honeymoon. However, you may not know about Kauai. While Kauai is in Hawaii, it is a very unique place that has something for everyone.

Kauai is breathtakingly beautiful. The beaches, sunsets, and sea are picture perfect. This is the oldest island in Hawaii and there are no massive resort hotels and tons of tourist. The resorts hotels are quaint and smaller. There are only two highways in and out of Kauai. If you want the authentic Hawaiian experience, this is for you. Bring hiking boots for exploring the island and fall is the best time to go there when the prices are lower.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Do something unique and fun. Honeymoon in San Juan. San Juan is well known for its annual Salsa festival. You can travel to San Juan and enjoy the wonderful culture and foods of Puerto Rico. You can also sign up for Salsa lessons as a couple. When the beautiful festival begins, you and your spouse can join in. This is an experience few will experience that are not from San Juan. Be prepared. Order dance costumes online from Alexandra Costumes before you go. You will look and feel fantastic and will come home with a new skill.

You may want to make this a destination wedding site as well as a destination honeymoon site. Your bridal party will be thrilled, and you can prearrange the bridal clothing when you’re looking for something trendy.


Nice, French Riviera

Pebbled covered beaches, high-end shopping, luxury resorts, and exotic sunsets are all part of the Nice honeymoon. Enjoy gourmet food and beautiful sculptures as you make your way through the twists and turns of the old-time streets. This is the perfect honeymoon site for those who love history and art.

Aspen, Colorado – USA

Aspen is the land of the rich and famous. You may rub elbows with celebrities. You can enjoy 5-star luxury resorts with the finest accommodations in the country or the privacy of a romantic chalet. Summer is alive with color, and you can relax in the Olympic size pools of the resorts or go in the winter for the most beautiful snow resorts. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or ATV excursions. Or, sip your favorite drink in front of a roaring fireplace and view the majestic snow from your warm and cozy honeymoon cabin.


Nantucket, MA – USA

Nantucket is a natural landmark. If you love history this is the place for you, But, do not think of Nantucket as being anything less than luxurious. This New England town is summer beaches, fine dining, and the vacation spot of the most elite. The money you save by honeymooning in the states is well spent in this celebrity paradise.


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