What Accessories You Need With Your Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are among the simple pleasures of the bike-riding world.  They are not the most technologically advanced bikes, but they serve their purpose well.  Because of their stability, they are easy and safe for even inexperienced riders to ride.  Their soft seats and well-cushioned tires make for a comfortable riding experience.  In Southern California, one of the best ways to enjoy the sunshine while staying fit is to ride around town on your beach cruiser bike.

Accessories for Beach Cruisers

Beach cruisers are great the way they are, even without any accessories.  Some accessories, however, are particularly well suited to beach cruisers.  Here are some accessories that can enhance your beach bike-riding experience:

  • Handlebar baskets – Beach cruisers with handlebar baskets lend themselves to a few idyllic scenarios.  Imagine riding your bike home from the bakery with baguettes in the handlebar basket.  Imagine going out for a bike ride and coming home with a bouquet of flowers to surprise your mother.  Best of all, what could be cuter than riding along the beach with a friendly lap dog in your bike basket?
  • Child seats – Beach cruisers are the best kind of beach bikes for riding with a young child.  Today’s child seats must meet strict requirements.  They must support the child’s head, torso, arms, and legs.  No part of the child’s body can come into contact with any movable part of the bike.  Additionally, children must wear protective gear, including helmets, when riding in a child seat on the bike.  Most child seats have the child riding behind the adult.  When you transport two children on a bike, one child seat can go in front of you and the other seat behind.

Accessories for beach cruisers make a great holiday gift for an enthusiastic beach bike rider.

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