Why I can’t wait to visit Rome

Whether you’re a regular jet-setter or it’s you’re first-time on a city break, you’ll always find plenty to do in Rome. I for one can’t wait to walk through the old-world markets sampling new sights and smells, or meander through the cobbled streets in search of hidden gems. If you’re wondering whether this is the next holiday destination for you, check out the top reasons I can’t wait to book my flights across…

  1. It’s great for people on a budget

One thing that’s always a problem for people like me who love to travel is money. There are hundreds of places on your bucket list, but you can only afford to see so many. The great thing about Rome is that there’s always an attraction or event to suit your purse strings. Most of the main ancient buildings and museums offer cheap entry, and are even free on certain days of the month. Don’t forget though, you can always take a stroll around the shopping district, get a cone of gelato by the Spanish Steps, or have a picnic in a beautiful local park for next to nothing.

  1. It’s perfect for planners

If you’re like me and you like to get things organised, then you’ll love visiting Rome. A lot of the special events and exhibitions that take place in the city can be booked well in advance so that you won’t miss out, like the sell-out opera tickets which you can pick up through romeoperatickets.com. Plus, most of the attractions are within walking distance of one another, so by figuring out what you want to see and do in advance, you can easily plan routes and make the most of your stay.

  1. There’s so much to do

Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day, so if you expect to see it all on one trip you’ll be disappointed! It took generations to build this magnificent city, so there are ancient relics and historic sightseeing opportunities practically on every street corner. Will you head for the famous Colosseum, the impressive Pantheon or take in the intricate carvings of Trevi Fountain? Then there’s the Renaissance masterpieces that reside in the Vatican Museums, and you’ll have to stop by the awe-inspiring Sistine Chapel. One things for certain, you’ll never run out of things to do.

  1. Rome is a foodie heaven

The rich scent of Italian cuisine dances on the air along the streets of Rome, and I can’t wait to tuck in to some of the local delicacies. You might decide to take a street food tour around the city, stopping off in some of its most famous restaurants. If you’re on the hunt for new recipes and fresh ingredients though, don’t forget to drop by the oldest food market in Rome – Campo de’ Fiori. From cured meats and delectable cheeses, to fine wines and Italian beers, you’ll find everything right here.

Are you heading to Rome soon? Let me know what you’re planning on visiting…

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