Why you should take a cottage holiday in the UK this year

If you haven’t yet taken a cottage holiday, you’ve been missing out, these relaxing, short breaks have become all the rage in the UK, and they’re a great way to get all the benefits of a holiday without all the stress of travelling overseas.

We’re all used to taking holidays in hotels in the city, but we often forget that it’s possible to start our holiday within just a few hours of driving into the country.

One of the reasons why cottage holidays are so popular is because they’re just like home. Instead of a sterile hotel room where you may be missing many of the things you use each day, you’ll have lots of space and all of the comforts of home- including a living room and kitchen.


Many of the destinations where you take a cottage holiday are also packed with fun things for the whole family to do. So you can stay in a home away from home, you can use the kitchen to cook if you feel like it, and you can experience life like a local.

One good option is to find a holiday cottage in Sussex. This is a hugely popular place to go, since it’s just a quick drive from many places within the UK.

Most of us are overdue for a holiday, but the idea of booking a holiday to Europe or elsewhere can feel exhausting. Because cottage holidays are so close, you can easily make a last-minute trip whenever you need a few days to unwind, or incorporate it into a larger family holiday each year.

Cottages are also great value for money, since they’re affordable and have all of the comforts of home- you don’t need to worry about paying for eating out every day if you’re on a budget, and can instead simply buy groceries and cook as usual.

There is also a huge range of different cottages available, so you’re likely to find an option that suits your budget. Whether you just want something small and affordable, or you’d like to treat yourself with a cottage that’s better equipped or luxurious, there are plenty of options for everyone.

The locations of these cottages are also perfect if you’re hoping to do some serious relaxation, work on a new project, or just want some peace and quiet. Because you’re in the cottage and in a self-contained house, you don’t need to worry about people in other rooms waking you up.

These holiday cottages are generally in spots that are a little more secluded, which means you’re likely to be surrounded by nature. Many of them will allow you to bring pets, so you can take the dog with you and enjoy some of the lovely walks in the area.

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