Why you should move to LA

You guys may have seen the #ZipCodePride hashtag floating around recently, and today I thought I would talk about why LA is such a great place to live, and why you should consider making the move.

There are so many reasons why living in LA is amazing. Of course, the weather has to be one of them. You never need to worry about shovelling snow or scraping ice off your car when you live in LA, and it’s easy to forget that most of the rest of the world has four seasons.

If you like the outdoors, LA is a great place for you. I personally love being so close to the beach, but you could easily spend the morning on the beach and then ski in the mountains in the same day. And if you own a business, address validation is super easy.

LA is incredibly diverse, and is just two hours drive from San Diego and the border with Tijuana. That means incredible food, interesting culture, and a Latino influence throughout almost every aspect of LA life.

Speaking of food, LA is a foodie heaven. This is the place where you can eat authentic Ramen, Korean BBQ and breakfast burritos, all in the same day. If you love Food Truck culture, you’ll love LA, and if you’re the type who prefers a more civilised eating experience, check out BOA Steakhouse, The Ivy, and of course, Sprinkles Cupcakes (if you haven’t used a Cupcake ATM, you haven’t lived).

Many people roll their eyes when they think about the traffic in LA. And there’s no doubt that the traffic is awful. But residents no longer need to drive, and you can either use the light rail from the Westside to downtown L.A, or check out the Los Angeles subway system, which will help you get around.

People in LA are also known for their chill. You’ll find that the majority of people you end up hanging out with are the types of laid-back people who do yoga in the weekends and enjoy 80-minute coffee catch-ups at Intelli.

LA is also one of the most diverse cities around, with more than 200 languages being spoken here. While you may consider LA to be one big, sprawling city, it’s more like 12 cities that have been stapled together with a mountain range and a bunch of freeways thrown in. That means that there really is something for everyone. Whether you want to move to LA with the kids and live in the suburbs, you’re hoping to make it in Hollywood, or you just want to party, there’s a neighbourhood for you.

While there are plenty of reasons for tourists to visit LA, I think living in the city is a much better choice. With so much to do and see, and perfect weather 90% of the time, you’ll soon see why so many people are continually flocking to this city.

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